About us


Naxos is a beautiful island. Therefore it’s a very good choice as a permanent residence, as a holiday destination and offers multiple real estate investment options

Our goal is to ensure that your holidays will be unique

Either you are the owner of a tourist accommodation unit or you want to choose to spend your holidays pleasantly in one of the houses of the island we propose, you can trust us!

Our company has cooperation contracts with technicians, agronomists, physicians and home care staff with high level of expertise.

If you are an owner, you can trust Trustyourhome with your property. We will keep it in excellent condition throughout the year and we will serve you and your guests whenever you need.

If you are visiting Naxos for holidays, you can trust Trustyourhome, both for your choice of accommodation and also for taking care of you during your stay.

With twenty years of experience in accommodation, constructions and technical support services we have only one goal:

Keeping and enhancing the value of your property and offering every possible service to enjoy your stay on the island of Zeus and Dionysus.

We provide comprehensive management services for hotels, resorts and villas!

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